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Online Mastering Special - 9-13 songs $175

1 song - $25

2 songs $50

3-4 Songs $75

5-8 songs $150

9-15 songs $250

15-20 songs $300

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Album Mastering

Mastering is when we enhance your audio mixes so that they sound radio ready, professional and are on the same level and can compete with a commercially released Song or CD. Album or CD Mastering is the final step before sending your CD off to have it manufactured or duplicated depending on your project. If you use Ryan Clement for mastering we will make your songs sound fantastic, wide, warm, full, bright if you want and Three Dimensional. At Ryan Clement Mastering we can provide any kind of sound that you want within reason of course and I constantly strive to get the best sound that is possible out of every song that I master. Here at Ryan Clement I will bring your songs up to professional audio mastering standards so that all your songs will be radio ready. We use analog outboard and digital outboard which includes a Manley Mastering EQ and Manley Mastering compressor to insure that all of your songs sound radio ready and all of your mastered songs will be at the same level at the loudest point in every song, the levels will be consistent from song to song like they should be. Our CD Mastering engineers have many years of audio mastering experience. Ryan Clement has 14 years of experience running a mastering company and 17 years of audio cd mastering experience altogether.

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Important: We like to master stereo .wav or .aif files mixed down between -3 and -6 with no limiter or compressor on the overall song. We will master .mp3 or .WMA files only if that is all you have available. You can have whatever plugins or effects that you want on the individual tracks, just don't add anything to the mix as a whole or tyhe master track. We can add EQ and effects in the CD Mastering process. The reason why we will only master Mp3 or WMA files if that is all you have is because they are compressed formats and are 10 times less quality then a .wav or.aif file fromat. Mix your songs down low and clean with no distortion so that we will have headroom for Audio Cd Mastering EQ and Audio Cd Mastering Compression.

My name is Ryan Clement; I founded this mastering company in 2002 after spending 5 years and tons of money learning how to master like a pro. I've been mastering for 17 years now and every year I get better and better. The main reason why Ryan Clement Mastering rates are so affordable is because I own all of our expensive gear and I also own the building that I work out of in Burbank, CA. The only reason why I say that is only because I don't incl;ude our somewhat massive overhead into the price of our mastering, At Ryan Clement Mastering 1I only charge you for my time, usually in the amount of $25 although I do have specials if you need more then one song mastered, then my prices get as low as $13 to $15 dollars per song which is really inexpensive when you take into account how good of quality mastering I provide for my clients. The only way a cd mastering company can compete with our prices is if they are using plugins because tat will allow them to master inside of their computer and its faster to render or save a file then it tis to run a song in real time using the highest quality sample rates, signal flow, connections and software. It is a fact and most mastering engineers will agree that using plugins can not imitate the sound of using the real analog or digital outboard gear and Protools HD. Its all about the quality of equipment like our Manley Outboard gear used when mastering a song, we give our clients that full, deep, warm, hot in your face upfront sound that moves and has dynamics.

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I did some mastering for the Game back in 2005, below is a high quality verse for you to check out. I also mastered an album for JT The Bigga Figga and Chris Judd(the dancer who was married to Jennifer Lopez). See examples below! Our Mastering company will master your music online or through mail. We are extremely diverse and do mastering for artists in every music genre including Urban, Dance, Rock, Punk Rock, Country, Reggae, Metal, Pop, Spanish and More. We master every genre!

The Game Samples (Famous Artist signed to Aftermath records imprint)


Cris Judd ( Dancer, Music Producer - Was married to Jennifer Lopez)


Other Notable Clients....

Get Low Records

The Game/ Spice 1/ JT The Bigga Figga

SideOneDummy Records

J-Paul Budden (Joe Buddens Bother/ Producer) Def Jam Records

BIG J ( DJ Green Lanterns Manager) / Interscope Records

Show Time/ The Next Episod

Universal Records

Dogg House Records

Blackground Entertainment

Tenth Street Ent

Music World Management

Nardini Music Management


And Many More.....


Your songs should be mixed already and sent to us through Online Mastering using or to There should be one stereo wav file for each song in a folder that is zipped up so we can download it at once. We do not accept sessions or separated tracks. If you don't have wav files and all you have is a playable audio CD you can send it to us through the mail instead of online with a United States Postal Money Order for the correct amount.You can get a Postal Money Order at any United States Post Office. Include a piece of paper in your package wth the song order and titles as well as your contact information including email and mailing address.



EMAIL: CALL: 818-459-2004


We have a TWO MINUTE FREE SONG SAMPLE POLICY! Send us a wav. song using our New Audio Mastering FILE UPLOAD SYSTEM below, we will Master 2 minutes of one of your songs for free so you can hear the difference. No catch, no obligation. Make sure that you mix down to a stereo wav. file. Level Should be from -3 to -6. You may need to bring your master fader down between -3 to -6 to get the desired level before you mix down. If the overall song level is too hot, Limited or Compressed we will have no room for Audio Mastering.


File Preparation Guidelines
How to properly prepare your 24 or 16 bit 44.1khz to 192khz Stereo wav. or aif. Audio Files/Songs for the greatest Mastering results.

Do you want your music to sound like your favorite commerical songs?

Radio won't play your songs unless they are mastered!

Why is it that your demo or cd does not compare to your desired commercial releases?

Why doesn't your music sound wide, full, deep and warm.

I would not shop your music to record labels unless they are mastered?

You need your songs mastered!

What audio cd mastering equipment do we use?

For cd mastering we use our 24 bit/192 kHz DIGI-Design Pro-Tools HD system along with a Manley Massive Passive EQ, and our new Manley Mastering SLAM stereo limiter and Micpre. We have one of the most professional audio mastering systems that money can buy!


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